A Clear Vision

When you find yourself at an intersection in the road, which way do you go? Do you set on your hands
or bury your head in the dirt? This would be the inaction route. Do you look at your map or GPS
device? Or do you look for the highest hill you can find and climb to the top to see your surroundings?
Junctures in life are really thrilling places to find yourself. Anticipation of greater things to come can
produce high energy racing about your mind and body.

With a clear vision new pathways are secure and exciting. This is because you have put forth the effort.
You have made the right plans. You have placed these efforts and plans in God’s hands. With that kind
of partnership all things are possible.  


2 thoughts on “A Clear Vision

  1. Yes! Yes! When you give it to God, He will move. And his timing is always perfect as is His plan! When we stay in His will, His will be done!


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