Inspiring Yourself and Others

You have to be inspired to inspire those you lead.   How do you inspire yourself?   You can’t inspire your team without effort. Actually, to inspire yourself you have to feed yourself with information that moves you forward. You have to read and listen to materials that are inspirational. Also, you must associate with like-minded leaders. Years ago people would listen to cassette tapes in the car as a method to learn or be inspired.   Now with podcasting there is an abundance of free stirring material at your fingertips. This information is available right on your smartphone.

One of my current favorites is the Live Inspired podcast with John O’leary.  This podcast is truly inspirational. I also love In The Loop with Andy Andrews. Andy is one of my favorite authors.  There are too many great podcast to list here.

How do you inspire others to action?  First, share your goal. By sharing and placing your confidence in your team, you will rally them to accomplish a desired goal. Lastly, don’t stop talking about your vision and what it will be like when it is reached. Plant the seed of inspiration!

“Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down but a good word makes him glad.” –Proverbs 12:25

Friends please join in this journey by sharing in the comments section. You have some inspiration to share I am confident.

(photo credit to Ivan Snyder.  The Inspirational Climber is Seth Edens)

2 thoughts on “Inspiring Yourself and Others

  1. I love this Scott! I once heard a speaker who had been fighting metastatic cancer for years say that people often told her that she inspired them. Her question for us was, “What have I inspired you to do?” I believe that philosophy without action falls dead. And sometimes we have to do the action first before the emotion and passion and desire to do it comes.


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