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Roll the Dice

Most people desire to advance in both their career and their life. Surely, everyone wants to roll double sixes in the game of life, though, it is important to remember that rolling dice is random and not a precise action. Self-development, career advancement or growth of any kind will not randomly occur. This will only take place with planning and focus on the desired outcomes.

 Play big in the game of life and grow. Solidify a plan. Set goals. Have high expectations. Play at the winner’s table and roll your double sixes, because life is not a spectator sport.



Trust is a valuable commodity especially in leadership. Like many resources, trust can be gained or spent. A cornerstone objective is building trust with those you lead, because trustworthy leaders stand on a firm foundation. Stay clear of overpromising for this will surely diminish your trustworthiness.

 Author Steven R. Covey states, “Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” Today, be a builder. Work to increase your trust quotient.


A life without purpose is a very empty one. However, many individuals wonder through life without meaning or direction. These individuals often complain their jobs are not fulfilling. Is it realistic to deposit money in the bank one day and return the next expecting great gains in wealth? Of course not, though, many individuals move through life disengaged without purpose expecting an immediate return scenario having placed no deposits in the bank. Purpose comes from an investment in time and living life engaged. Spend time this week discovering your purpose, and it will pay dividends.


Leadership Fuel

Proper preparation is usually taken prior to competing in a race. Fuel levels and engine performance are monitored and checked before heading out on a road trip. When selecting a physician, careful research is done to make sure they have received the required degrees and applicable training. Sometimes leaders attempt to lead without making frequent deposits into the development of their skills. A successful leader commits time to enhancing leadership fuel levels with executive leadership coaching. Why not consider engaging with a professional leadership coach to help raise your leadership fuel levels.
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Focusing on Strengths

We all have weaknesses. Unfortunately, we spend most of our lives focused on them. The Gallup Organization has found that individuals given the chance to focus on their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job.

Certainly, you are familiar with the phrase “playing to your strengths.” Though weaknesses can be improved, focusing on strengths is a positive approach that can be very motivating to employees.

By focusing on your God-given strengths, you will tap into your greatest potential which will ultimately provide personal happiness. Successful leaders know that concentrating on strengths will lead to much accomplishment.


Happiness at work is not always an easy achievement. The link between happiness and engagement guides an organization’s trajectory. The Gallup organization’s 2017 State of the American Workplace states that 33% of employees are engaged. This means that 67% are not engaged. Compare these standard levels of engagement to that of the world’s best organizations who report a 70% engagement level.

I find these statistics to be staggering. Why is this the case, you might ask. Drivers of employee engagement are directly related to leaders that show respect for employees, clearly define goals, emphasize teamwork, support autonomy, and request and apply useful feedback.

Many years ago, I was told by a customer, that a failure of service is a direct reflection of me as the leader. Though I didn’t like hearing this at the time, it was true then, and it is true now. Employee engagement is a leadership responsibility. As a leader, employee engagement is within your reach. Take ownership of your employee’s engagement; begin today.

Celebrating Milestones #26

This is my 26th blog posting. Six months ago, I began putting my thoughts on a screen and sharing them with the world. I remind myself that it is the things that scare us make us grow. Today, I celebrate this milestone and continue my commitment to sharing.
Celebrating even the smallest achievements is important. Celebrations build community, give sense of purpose, and build engagement in the workplace. Take time today to celebrate!

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Great Efforts

Strive, struggle and toil are words synonymous with labor. Today, the United States celebrates Labor Day as a national holiday commemorating this country’s labor movement as well as the working individual. In recognition of the holiday, some businesses and schools are closed. How ironic is it that we don’t labor on Labor Day? However, having spent my career in healthcare, I understand many individuals work on this holiday.

For some, Labor Day signals the beginning of college football season, while for others, it indicates fall is near. This holiday celebrates accomplishments and achievements of our work. Take time today to enjoy the fruits of your hard work while planning future strategies that will pave the way for another great year full of successes.


Today is August 28th. It happens to be my 52nd birthday so I decided to write 52 things I am grateful for in my life.

1. God
2. My Wife
3. My children
4. Extended family
5. Both children in college
6. 529 plans
7. Friends
8. My desire to learn
9. My education
10. My Grandmother’s influence
11. Freedom of choice
12. Being taught the value of hard work
13. Teachers
14. Pastors
15. My home
16. My coaching career
17. Ability to walk
18. Air to breath
19. Water
20. Hot showers
21. Food
22. Computer
23. Electricity
24. Wi-Fi
25. Internet
26. Video streaming
27. Variety of book authors
28. Transportation
29. Garages
30. Peer coaching
31. iPEC coach training
32. Pen and paper
33. QuickBooks
34. Online banking
35. Furniture
36. Microwave
37. Interstate
38. Refrigerator
39. Podcasts
40. Ability and freedom to vote
41. Video conferencing
42. Motorcycle rides
43. Sunrises and sunsets
44. Mirrors
45. Quiet time
46. Vacations
47. Walks on the beach
48. A bed to sleep in
49. Faux feather pillows
50. Shoes
51. Air Conditioning
52. Fireplace

If you haven’t tried this exercise, I recommend doing it. The first part of the list creates quickly, and then it slows down midway. By the end of my list, I wanted to keep going with my thankful items. I wish you a gratitude filled day.

Total Eclipse

From my vantage point today, I will witness a 99.8% totality eclipse of the sun. Though I could drive an hour north and view 100% totality, I am pleased to enjoy 99.8% in my backyard.

This morning I was imagining myself as the moon eclipsing the all-powerful sun. Have you ever had someone on your team that was a superstar? Are there times when your influence is dimmed by this bright visionary? Remember, as you watch the moon exert its influence and eclipse the sun, there are many ways to effect change. Eclipse whatever is holding you back from accomplishing your goals, because maybe something as simple as timing could affect the change desired.